MS in US Vs MS in Germany

which is best ms in USA or Germany

This question comes up regularly.

Simple Answer: Germany is better for MS right now. US is better for MS if and only if you have a scholarship from top universities.

which is best ms in US or Germany

Why is MS in Germany best?

1. University Standards:
All Top Universities have similar education standards and therefore, when you come into the job market there is not much favoritism.

2. Education Standards:
The standard of higher education and research in Germany is also very high. Truth be told, sometimes even better.

3. MS Cost in Germany:
Free or Less Fee. Yes, the greater part of the colleges offering free MS and top private colleges offering it under Rs.6lakhs as it were.

4. Opportunities:
Getting a job in Germany is similar to the US, but the quality of the job experience is high compared to all parts of the world.

Foreign education is like an investment be wise while opting it.

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